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Inter haec Orfitus praefecti potestate regebat urbem aeternam ultra modum delatae dignitatis sese efferens insolenter, 

66,67 €
Hooded Unisex sweater. Fight printed in white on the front, Ryu and Chun-li (from Street Figther) half face in the back.  80 % Cotton, 20 % Polyester.

37,50 €
T-shirt with "dragon" relief white print . 100% cotton.Made in FRANCE.

162,50 €
Black sequins kimono. Big white print "Joie 75" in the back.White print "FDJ" on each sleeve.100% polyester.MADE IN FRANCE (PARIS).

15,50 € 57,50 €
See-through headband with Brillant printed in white on the front.100% soie.MADE IN FRANCE

10,50 € 57,50 €

10,50 € 57,50 €
Soft-touch black sweatshirt.FILLE DE JOIE Paris in white print.80% cotton , 20% polyester.Solène wears a size M and measures 170cm.MADE IN FRANCE.

10,33 € 33,33 €

10,33 € 33,33 €
Black cap with embroided "JOYS IS ALL" patch in the front. 100% cotton.One size. Adjustable strap in the back of the cap.MADE IN FRANCE.

10,17 € 29,17 €
Black beannie with "FILLE DE JOIE" embroided patch in the front. 100% acrylic.One size.MADE IN FRANCE

33,33 €
Black cap with "Face" logo embroided in the front. 100% cotton.One size. Adjustable strap in the back of the cap. MADE IN FRANCE.