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66,67 €
Hooded Unisex sweater. Fight printed in white on the front, Ryu and Chun-li (from Street Figther) half face in the back.  80 % Cotton, 20 % Polyester.

10,50 € 57,50 €

10,50 € 57,50 €
Soft-touch black sweatshirt.FILLE DE JOIE Paris in white print.80% cotton , 20% polyester.Solène wears a size M and measures 170cm.MADE IN FRANCE.

57,50 €
Lined Hooded Unisex sweater. 80 % Cotton, 20 % Polyester.Collins wears a size M et measures 186 cm.

91,67 €
Soft-touch black sweatshirt. FILLE DE JOIE in white print. White lacing on the side of the arms and on the middele of the belly.100% cotton.Charlotte wears a size M and measures 180cm.Cleaning of the product : Dry cleaning only.