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This is an excerpt from our Terms available here

Article 5: DELIVERY:

The company « FILLE DE JOIE PARIS » is doing everything to ensure the best delivery schedule of the products ordered on the website, informed in business days in the order recap. The delivery schedule takes effect upon receipt of the customer payment. 
According to the Article L.138-1 of the Consumer Code, in case of delay, the company « FILLE DE JOIE PARIS » commit to deliver the goods, in a reasonable period, that being at the latest thirty days after the contract conclusion, which is made valid with the order confirmation email the customer will receive. According to the Article L.138-2 of the same Code, in case of non-delivery at the due date, if not, the latest thirty days after the contract conclusion, the customer can enjoin the company « FILLE DE JOIE » in writing, to make in a reasonable time extension. 
In case of non-delivery of the company « FILLE DE JOIE » in this new time extension, the customer can ask, still in writing, the cancelation of the purchase. The cancelation will take effect as soon as the company « FILLE DE JOIE PARIS » will receive the customer’s writing claim. 
Attention: The transport of the goods is not the range of expertise of the company « FILLE DE JOIE ». In this way, the delivery schedule is not an essential condition of the contract and could not be opposed to the company « FILLE DE JOIE » with the aim of rightfully cancelling a contract.

Article 6: SHIPMENT:

The choice of the carrier (implying shipping costs according to the order destination fare zone) is let at the discretion of the customer during the payment of the order, among a various offer of transport partners. 
The indicated delivery dates are average dates and are the result of the treatment time, the packing time and the delivering time of the order. These dates take effect upon receipt of the order confirmation email, at the latest 48 hours after purchase. 
In case of delay of the order shipment, the customer will be noticed of it via email, as soon as possible