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Above all, FILLE DE JOIE is a concept, a state of mind, a lifestyle.
The designs are aimed at the happy and self-assured woman. The kind of woman who loves her body and is comfortable with it. She is not afraid to be sexy.
And as she feels good about herself, she embodies "joie de vivre", femininity and independence.
The fille de joie is modern, she is fashionable. That is the reason why the brand gets its inspiration from the street, in order to be in tune with the modernity that the young people provide it with, without for all that, neglecting the past.

By no means the brand wants to be restricted to a specific style. This being said, "goth", "sexy" and "sportswear" are the words that sum it up the best.
If the expression "Fille de joie" is not to be read into its figurative sense, the erotic influence remains in the collections, with the use of fabrics like fishnet, vinyle or see-through materials.